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About Us
Smooth Landings, LLC is a new FAA Repair Station that specializes in the Overhaul & Repair of aircraft Landing gears and actuators. Established in April of 2010 – FAA Certified Repair Station # L7QR476Y. We are currently able to do repairs on Twin Commander, King Air & Westwind 1124/1124A aircraft components.

As we grow, we will be adding other models to our list. Smooth Landings, LLC is a firm believer in customer satisfaction. We work with our customers, so both sides are happy in the end.

We charge a flat rate fee on the landing gears – plus parts. The customer can provide the parts with the proper documents or we can get the parts for you with a 10% markup. We are very flexible and try our best to do what the customer wants.

Smooth Landings, LLC will not only provide you with a unit that is mechanically sound…but will knock your socks off with our “ Attention To Detail “. We go the extra mile to insure that the landing gears and actuators look as new as they can.

Part of the flat rate fee is for NDT. We have all of the major components crack checked, just to be safe. Some of the maintenance manuals do not call out for NDT, but in our experience…it’s a good idea to go ahead and perform this inspection for safety reasons.

Give us a call and we can go from there. Thanks, Alan K. Hadlock